Our Approach

Carbon Capture

Using Direct Carbon Capture infrastructure, we collect and store carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas levels

Carbon Processing

The captured carbon dioxide is processed into two main carbon-based products: Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

Technological Innovation

Graphene and Carbon Nanotube products can be sold to companies in various technological sectors at a relatively lower cost, fueling innovation and technological development

The way things currently stand, we can't be sure we will hand over a world to the next generation where they can live successful and safe lives the way we are. And that scares me.
Akshaj Darbar

Co-Founder at Arbora Tech

Our Plan

The Numbers


Expected increase in global temperatures in the next century


Increase in carbon dioxide levels since the industrial revolution


Percent of world population vulnerable to climate change impacts

100 - 1000

Gigatons of carbon dioxide need to be removed from the atmosphere by 2100

Our Values

Optimistic Leadership
Big Bold Bets
Ideas Over Hierarchy
Unconventional Thinking
Profit is Possible Without Sacrificing Quality
Enough Isn't Good Enough