Our Vision

At Arbora, we adhere closely to the ancient Iroquois Seventh Generation Principle, which states that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. Except, in today's society, this idea has been lost, and based on the decisions made over the past few decades, we can't even be sure we can hand over a sustainable world to the next generation. So we want to make a world where that concern no longer exists, and carbon emissions switch from being a driver of climate change to a source of innovation.

The Team

Akshaj Darbar


Akshaj is a 17-year old molecular biology and machine learning enthusiast. His research in biotechnology has led to him developing a gene therapy for Alzheimer's Disease, and he's currently a research assistant at Queen's University, developing medical image analysis models for cancer risk prediction.

Bryan Lee


Bryan is passionate about leveraging artificial intelligence to help solve some of the world's biggest problems and hopes to explore more in the realm of quantum computing. He envisions a future where carbon emissions are no longer a driver of climate change, but instead enable technological innovation.

Hana Samad


Hana Samad is a writer, AR and VR enthusiast, and lifelong learner in the field of exponential technologies. Samad envisions and is motivated to create a world where technology creates a sustainable future and corporate interests and technological innovation does not come at the steep cost of the environment.